Lucas Ahlstrand

An Oakland native, Lucas Ahlstrand grew up in a household of crafters and entrepreneurs.  His father was a custom cabinet and furniture maker and owned a general contracting business. His his mother was a professional seamstress, clothing designer and store manager in Berkeley.  His creativity was visible from a young age and he was encouraged to explore new endeavors and do what he loves.  

All through school Lucas was a talented athlete and rowed for the Oakland strokes, the US Junior and National Team, and the University of Washington.

Taking stock of his passions and appreciations, he realized that crafting long lasting, functional objects satisfies his desire to slow things down in our ever increasing fast paced and mass produced world. Wanting to further his involvement in the furniture making process from start to finish, Lucas has begin milling lumber. He uses sustainably sourced, reclaimed, and directly harvested wood paired with welded steel to  create one-of-a-kind pieces that are made entirely by hand in his West Oakland workshop.  Although Lucas has a clear aesthetic, he has years of experience working with clients to achieve products that fit their unique visions and needs to enhance any business or home with modern originality.